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Lough Doon Fort

Doon Fort [irisch An Dún]

Doon Fort is an ancient ring fort on Doon Lough in the townland of Drumboghill and dates back to 3000BC. The walls stand four and half metres high, 3.6 metres thick at the base and cover almost all of the island. Within the ancient fort are steps terraces and passages. According to local legend the O’Boyle family occupied the fort from the 10th to the 16th centuries. The last O’Boyle chieftain Conor O’Boyle was slain here at the fort in the year 1530 by a rival O’Boyle group.

In 1909 a golden Lunula dating circa. 1600BC was found in the area between Doon Lough and Narin village. It was found by a man digging turf, who tossed it aside thinking it was from a coffin. That night at the Portnoo hotel he told of his find and a clergyman from Liverpool bought it from him for 30 shillings. It was brought to England and later returned to Ireland and is now on display at the National Museum in Dublin.
The fort itself is on the land of a local farming family who until recent times used it as a walled garden. During the holiday season (summer) they have small boats available for hire to allow access to the island for a closer look.

Distance from Hotel: 2.5km

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